29 January 2011

Well Said: Filippa Rolf

Véra Nabokov and her novelist husband, Vladimir, in Switzerland, 1966.

“She is a fine decoration in an armchair.”

So poet Filippa Rolf observed of Véra Nabokov (1902 — 1991), wife of the novelist.

Remember: You are as much an ornament in your rooms as any bibelot. So comport yourself accordingly.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

difficult at times, but will try. better this as an interpretation than say- Ms. Burbank's.

Hels said...

Véra and Vladimir Nabokov showed that you don't need a vast estate and money pouring out of your wallet. You need an entertaining spouse, a porch overlooking mountains or ocean and lots of mental stimulation.

Penelope Bianchi said...

Bravo AL!!
I agree with Hels!

Claudia Juestel said...

So true! Our clients, and we ourselves of course, need to look and feel the best in our respective homes. Doing so with a little bit of poise elevates everything.

And I must agree with Helen, it is about the smaller things in life.