23 February 2011

Well Said: Gladys Duchess of Marlborough

Gladys Deacon, later Duchess of Marlborough, in a portrait by Paul-César Helleu.

"If you want to do something, don’t tell other people about it, just do it. Other people will always find a reason to try and prevent you."

So said Gladys Duchess of Marlborough (1881—1977), American heiress, intellectual, adventuress, and celebrated beauty.

SOURCE: Hugo Vickers, "An Eccentric Duchess," New York Social Diary, 23 February 2011.


24 Corners said...

I love this and will write it somewhere for easy, daily access! It seems to be something I run into quite often.
xo J~

Curtains in My Tree said...

Love all the historial comments about this lady Gladys Duchess of Marlborough (1881—1977


Heather Robinson said...

Isn't this the most perfect capping point to an already amazing post? And so true, especially here in France where nothing advances because no one dares divulge their ideas for fear of them being stolen.

Anonymous said...

Wow. From a woman just coming into her adulthood at the turn of the century, I would say this would be incredibly true during those days. Perhaps not quite so today; those nay-saying voices just as easily come from within one's own head as outside. Who knew Nike had it right: just do it!

Roy said...

This is EXCELLENT advice and we all should take heed!

Unknown said...


Naftali Stern said...

What truth and wisdom! Although ones lack of self confidence could easily explain any such failure, incorporating the response of anyone else’s insecurities surly won’t sustain any further success in the matter.


Unknown said...

So true!
A good advise to pass on to our children!
Do it, don't talk about it!
It will be registered!

Wise words!

Unknown said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

So true, I love this! I must keep this to see daily.