05 September 2011

Technical Issues: Please Stand By

Dear Readers,

Apparently the text of An Aesthete's Lament is experiencing garbled wording here and there. I have called upon our crackerjack engineers to determine the problem and eradicate it. Your patience is much appreciated.


The Aesthete


John J. Tackett said...

An Aesthete's Lament is one of the best written blogs on the web. I wish I could blame my own blog's sometime garbled text on technical issues. Keep up the good work.
__ The Devoted Classicist

david said...

Dear Aesthete,

I am just glad you are posting your work again. It is very good to see you in print again. I hope you you can find the time & energy to start cooking again.

May your Labor Day week-end be restful and joyful. Thank you.


jones said...

I don't mind a garbled word or two--just glad that you are back to bringing us all up-to-date on everything we need to become fellow aesthetes. Thanks. Mary