06 December 2011

Well Said: Daisy Fellowes

Daisy Fellowes in a 1930s photograph by Cecil Beaton.

"Either a thing is a disappointment or it is not."

So said Franco-American fashion icon and novelist Marguerite "Daisy" Fellowes (1890—1962), daughter of the 3rd Duc Decazes and Glücksberg, a granddaughter of Singer sewing-machine magnate Isaac Singer, muse to fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and mistress of many.


Anonymous said...

Perfectly said! So true and so simple!!!

Love it!

Marcheline said...

She sounds a bit "glass half empty"... I think I'd prefer "A thing is either wonderful or it is not."

Great photo!

MJH Design Arts said...

So true. There is nothing in between.

friendandfaux said...

...and there you have it. Well said.