05 January 2012

Well Said: Hélène Rochas

An acrylic-and-silkscreen portrait of Hélène Rochas by Andy Warhol, 1974.

“I’m against the idea of dressing young—that shows fear."

So said Hélène Rochas (1927—2011), former fashion model, international beauty, and director of the Paris perfume house of the same name, following the 1955 death of her first husband, Marcel Rochas. Among the scents she inspired or commissioned were Femme de Rochas (a wedding gift from her husband in 1944), Madame Rochas (launched in 1960), Eau de Roche (aka Eau de Rochas), and Muse de Rochas.


MJH Design Arts said...

Is it fear or a lack of a sense of self? Perhaps it is both. Thanks for making me think things through. Mary

ruediger benedikt said...

very much like this blog, hope to be able to enjoy it this new year as well as we all could last year, all the best for 2012,

kind regards


JWC said...

Completely fabulous. I love the lesser known Warhol portraits. The pinks and purples in this one are amazing. And the quotation? If only more women could see the truth in that statement.

home before dark said...

Happy back to this space this year, AAL. Growing old is not for sissies. I do so enjoy people who have the guts to admit it and do life on their own terms.

Lila said...

I am always inspired by your posts - to learn more about a fascinating person, to think about living my life more fully. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How perfectly said indeed dahhling! I think it is always so much more chic to dress age appropriate...it's being secure with one's place in life.

Jeane M. said...

What big words to start off the year. Wishing you fab and fun blogging days ahead. :)
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Karena said...

Interesting. It always bothers me to see a fifty year old running about in 20 something attire.

Wonderful work of art by Warhol!

All the Best!

Art by Karena

Home Decorator said...

Indeed! Don't be afraid that you are getting older. Beauty is an inner thing.

John Agee Paris said...

I always thought Mme. Rochas was one of the most elegant women. So much the epitome of what one thinks of Paris. It may sound trite to say it, but they don't make 'em like her anymore.