17 August 2012

This Way, Please

Though I've been away from this address for several months, the virtual cards and letters keep coming in—and most of them ask, "Where can I find your new posts?"

At the website of Architectural Digest, of course! And in the Daily AD section, in particular.

Bearing that and similarly worded questions in mind, as a public service, I will continue to post here. Links, that is, to my blog entries at archdigest.com, of which there have been a few, including this morsel about a new book examining the rackety life and glorious creations of the late American-born interior designer and architect Bill Willis, a man who made Marrakech infinitely more exotic, with splendiferous houses for Rothschilds and their jet-set like.

To read it, do click here. And let me know what you think.


The Devoted Classicist said...

Yes, even a brief appearance to dust off the cobwebs is welcome.

The Bill Willis story is a fascinating one; I would have missed it otherwise.

Mary said...

Amazing! tony duquette on over-drive. beautiful spaces created by a genius. Thanks. Mary

Anonymous said...

Great review. Many thanks. I had been trying to find out about this book.
Love seeing the photos! Edited and styled by Marion McEvoy, could not be better (other than the bunch of Daisys, and the "arrangement" of roses which just do not seem to belong)! Will. M.

Ms. Smart said...

I enjoy your posts, an artist's flair, a grand style, elegant, classic, interesting. thank you.

Cynthia Woodyard said...

I visited Bill Willis at his home in Morocco in the late '80's. I guarantee that he was just as wild and wonderful in person as the interiors he created. It was one of the more interesting evenings in my life. Thanks for writing about him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Owen,
Just got back from vacationing in Long Island towns, to find my new copy of the Bill Willis book. I had always admired his work and what a beautiful edition it is.
Thank you for alerting us to it. I'm ordering more copies!

Nestor Santa-Cruz
Washington DC