18 December 2012

Au Revoir, Bébé

Roger Prigent of Malmaison Antiques (1923—2012)

Read my Architectural Digest tribute to Roger Prigent (1923—2012), a spirited, rascally, and knowledgeable antiques dealer, who became a friend and who had an impact on my early days as an editor and writer.


Francine Gardner said...

This is a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary man, who led a rich, full, exiting life.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I wandered into Malmaison probably 20 something years ago on a trip to New York from California......and thought I would have to speak French!
That lovely man appeared; and what a treat I had!

Delightful, and once he knew I knew "something" (dubious at first; I was from California!!) was wonderful to talk to!

Lovely post, Aesthete! You have no idea how we miss you!


ps. this evening I tried 10 times to do a "capcha" thing; and ten times failed! (not you; another)