19 April 2012

Forwarding Address

Mrs Winston F. C. Guest moves furniture from her family's apartment on Sutton Place to Templeton, their Long Island country house. Image by Henri Cartier-Bresson, "Vogue", 1 April 1963.

The Aesthete has been a trifle antsy of late, anxious to find and furnish new digs.

Perhaps this deeply ingrained wanderlust has to do with being brought up in the U. S. military, when every year or two, my parents backed our bags, and our family embarked on a new adventure. Then again, I have been posting at Blogger since 2008, which is a century in cyberspace. So take note: I finally have settled on a new virtual residence, this one with high ceilings, fireplaces that draw properly, and masses of French doors.

That alluring address is the splendidly improved website of Architectural Digest, where I have been working as the special projects editor for nearly two years. The platform is more beautiful than any blog I could imagine designing on my own, thanks to the extraordinary talents at the magazine and on Condé Nast's digital team. Writing as The Aesthete, I hope my posts on Daily AD will be as amusing, provocative, and informative as ever. The first, an exploration of geometric motifs in Morocco, one of my favorite places in the world, was published on 12 April.

So join me at Daily AD; I don't want to leave anyone behind. Click here to read what's on my mind. And thanks very much for following me and my musings for so long.

Mitchell Owens
Special Projects Editor
Architectural Digest